If you don’t have copies of the approved building plans for your property, what do you do?

Building plans could be requested by your insurance company, bank, or when you sell a property, the buyer may request building plans. Plans approved by the Local Authority will either have the; Building Control Officer, City Engineer, or Chief Building Inspector’s stamp and signature. There might also be drainage, electrical, or other departments stamps and the date.


You can request copies of the approved building plans from the local municipality. To do this you will require the following:

  • Either, the property Erf. No. and Allotment (suburb), or the address.
  • If you are the registered owner, a copy of your ID.
  • If you are acting on behalf of the owner, a signed letter of permission, a copy of the owners ID and a copy of your ID will be required. A word file or WhatsApp from the owner is not sufficient.


In Nelson Mandela Bay, enquiries can be made at:

The original approved plans can be obtained from the Reception on the 4th Floor. If not available, they will be requested from the archive, which will take a few days to obtain.

Some approved plans may be on microfilm, which can also be obtained from the Reception on the 4th Floor, or the Drainage Department on the 6th Floor.

The Reception on the 4th Floor can verify when previously plans were approved and the GIS system will be checked to verify if any subsequent changes were made.


If there are no approved building plans on record, you can get drawings prepared and submitted to the local authority for record purposes. The following will be required:

Prepare drawings which include all existing improvements; buildings, outbuildings, carports, Wendy houses, boundary walls & swimming pool etc.

All to comply with the National Building Regulations.

If the existing buildings were constructed before 2011, SANS 10400 Part XA (Energy efficiency) won’t be applicable.

Even if the buildings are existing, they must comply with Fire Safety requirements and Zoning.

The improvements and use must comply with all applicable Town Planning conditions and if there are structures over building lines, the Town Planning Department may require proof of approved. It is suggested that the Town Planning Department be contacted, to confirm any requirements.


The cost to submit drawings for record purposes will be in accordance with the current NMB Building Plan Tariffs.

If there have been no additions made, the minimum submission fee is applicable.

If there are new additions, the submission fee will be based on the additional area.

The building inspectorate will verify whether any floor area has been added. The Senior Building Inspector (Admin) can be contacted to check if the footprint has changed.


The drawings for record purposes are to be submitted and will be processed through the normal municipal building plan submission.


Property owners who would like advice regarding building plans can contact Stephen Knott Architects, or the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality:

Building Inspector, Tracy-Leigh Stephen:

Tel.:  041 506 2120



Senior Building Inspector (Admin), Mrs. Christelle Marais:

Tel.:  041 506 2188