The National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC), was established to protect the interests of home owners, ensuring that builders comply with building industry standards.

All new homes are to be enrolled with the NHBRC before construction starts. In addition, builders building new homes must be registered with the NHBRC. A home owner may register as an, Owner Builder, to manage the construction of their own new home.

Once the building plans for a new home have been approved by the municipality, the owner must enrol it with the NHBRC. A copy of the approved building plans will be required for the enrolment.

Home owners must also be aware that when building a second dwelling, they may be required to enrol it with the NHBRC. The type of second dwelling may vary depending on the site or existing home, therefore the NHBRC should be consulted.

NHBRC enrolment is currently not required when undertaking alterations and additions to existing homes.

Property owners who would like further advice regarding the roll of the NHBRC, should contact them at:

Tel.: 0800 200 824