When building plans are submitted to the municipality for consideration, if they are not in accordance with the Building Regulations, Town Planning Conditions, or By-Laws, they won’t be approved. The designer must rectify the drawings and resubmit them. There is no additional municipal submission fees for the  resubmission. If the building plans are approved, the owner may proceed with construction, in accordance with the conditions of the notice of approval.

During construction, sometimes owners make changes, either adding, altering, or omitting items. If changes are made, the owner needs to regularise the building plans. When the changes are only internal changes, then an amended building plan can be submitted. The previously approved building plans are updated to include the changes and submitted in the normal manor. If there is no increase in the building area, there will be no additional municipal submission fee for the amended building plan.

If during construction, the building area is increased, a completely new building plan submission is required. An additional submission fee, calculated on the additional building area, will be charged. The amended plan is processed and if in order, it is approved.

Once the building work is complete, the property owner must request an inspection, for an occupation certificate to be issued. Once the occupation certificate has been issued, plans can no longer be amended. A new building plan application would need to be submitted.

Property owners who would like further advice, should contact Christelle Marias, the Snr. Building Inspector Admin, Human Settlements, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality:

Tel.: 041 506 2188
E-mail.: cmarais@mandelametro.gov.za