Is your home protected from fire? To protect your home and belongings, you need to check that some basic measures are in place.  There are many potential risks. Some may be obvious and some are often not considered.

The electrical wiring needs to be checked regularly. Often the problems are hidden and faulty, or old wiring, could cause a fire. Any changes to the electrical system of the home should be carried out by a qualified electrical contractor.

Electrical appliances should be serviced, or repaired, by a competent person. Don’t overload plug circuits.

Heaters & appliances with heating elements should be positioned away from soft furnishings, bedding and flammable material. They should be turned off if there is a power failure. When a heater is in use, it should not be left unattended.

When cooking, don’t leave pots and pans, which are in use, unattended on the stove.

When there is a power failure and a portable gas cylinder is used for cooking. Don’t place it on top of the stove, or hot plate.

For early warning, install smoke and carbon monoxide sensors.

A maintained fire extinguisher should be easily accessible in the kitchen, garage and workshops.

Then, are you properly insured, for both your property and the contents?

If you need assistance, you should consult a fire protection company, or the local fire department. They can inspect your property and advise you where the risks are and the measure to take to protect your home, or business property.

Property owners who would like advice, should contact Keith Donaldson, from Bay Fire Solutions. Apart from fire protection, they offer fire safety and first aid training. Keith can be contacted at:

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