Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Eastern Cape, South Africa

In South Africa, the electrical blackouts or load shedding, have had a devastating impact on all sectors. Large industries and businesses can install the necessary infrastructure, but small businesses and homeowners cannot afford the alternatives.


Solar installations are expensive and have been unaffordable to most homeowners. They resort to small generators, or inverters to run their TV, a light and internet. These systems are a short-term stopgap and are inconvenient.


A local renewable energy company, Solana, offers homeowners a step towards a sustainable solution. Rather than installing a full solar system, they recommend a 5kW Hybrid inverter with a 5kWh battery and 6kWp PV array (photovoltaic panels). To start off, the inverter can be installed with, either the battery, or the PV array, depending on the owner’s priority. The battery to mitigate load shedding, or the PV array to save on electricity costs. Then when finances permit, the other element can be installed and over time batteries or panels can also be added.


This offers a homeowner options, either power during load shedding or reduced electrical costs. Then in the future, the system can be upgraded.


Individuals are eligible for a tax rebate of 25% of the cost of new, unused PV Panels, which are purchased and installed at a private residence. A Certificate of Compliance must be issued and the rebate is only available from 1 March 2023 to 29 February 2024.


When installing solar to a property in Nelson Mandela Bay, an application must be submitted to the Municipalities Electrical Directorate.


Property owners who would like advice, should contact Quentin van Remoortere, at Solana:


            Tel.:                 082 554 7545