When storing your possessions in a thatch lapa, or outbuilding.

Property owners use freestanding outbuildings for storage and for other purposes, such as home offices, or accommodation. The structures are

often simple timber sheds, shipping containers and thatch lapas. If they haven’t been constructed in accordance with the building regulations, they could pose a risk to the belongings being stored and the home. It’s important to ensure that these structures and contents, are underwritten correctly.

If you have a freestanding outbuilding on your property, consider the following and consult your insurer:

  • What type of freestanding outbuilding do you have on your property; a thatch lapa, wooden wendy houses, or prefab building?
  • What is the area of the outbuilding?
  • Does the area of the outbuilding exceed 20 % of the area of the main house?
  • Is it more than 5 m from the main house?
  • What purpose is the structure used; storage, home business, or residential?
  • What is the current replacement value of the structure?
  • What is the current replacement value of the contents in the structure?
  • What material is the structure constructed of?

Property owners who would like assistance, can contact me regarding the building regulations and for insurance advise, please contact Southsure Brokers, either:               

Nadine Ashworth        nadine@southsure.co.za, or

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