In the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Eastern Cape, South Africa

An occupation certificate is issued by the local authority to confirm that building works have been completed in accordance with the approved building plans and it’s safe for occupation.

The process and requirements may vary slightly for each local authority. The building inspector for the area should be contacted to confirm the requirements and process. There are fewer requirements for residential properties than commercial, or complex developments.

The following documentation may be requested by the Building Inspector, before conducting an inspection:

  • Approved Building Plans
  • Electrical Certificate of Compliance
  • Engineers Completion Certificates (Form 4). If an engineer, or specialist was required.
  • Glazing Certificate
  • Roof Truss Loading Certificate. From truss installer or the engineer.
  • Insulation Certificate
  • Gas Installation Certificate of Compliance
  • Drainage Certificate of Compliance
  • Fire Certificate (for thatched roofs)
  • Others as may be required

The Municipal Departments who may be requested to inspect are:

  • Environmental Health Division
  • Fire Safety Division    
  • Stormwater and Transportation Division
  • Waste Water Conveyance Division
  • Building Inspector Division    

Property owners who would like assistance, can contact me for advice, or the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Senior Building Inspector (Admin), Mrs. Christelle Marais:

Tel.: 041 506 2188