To check the position of your property boundary?

When considering additions to your existing home or business, it’s important to check exactly where the boundaries to your property are. Particularly if you plan to build up to the boundary.

If it’s an existing developed property and there’s an existing fence or boundary wall, owners assume that they were built on the boundary. However, years ago, properties weren’t fenced and over time, as the patch of rhododendrons got bigger, the corner pegs were lost and the position of the boundary became fuzzy. A previous owner may have just scratched a mark in the dirt and said to his builder, there’s the boundary. Then, when you purchased the property, the existing boundary wall was indicated on the drawings, so you accepted that everything was in order.

The reality could be, that the wall was built over the boundary and if you build according to the position of the wall, without checking the correct position of the boundary, you may have to break everything down and rebuild.

A Land Surveyor can eliminate this risk. When required, they can re-establish property boundaries. Amongst other responsibilities, Land Surveyors undertake topographical surveys, determine land boundaries, survey land for new townships and prepare sectional tiles.

To avoid making costly mistakes, property owners should consult Land Surveyors for advice on their property.