The construction of your building project?

An Architect’s roll is not only to design a building. A substantial amount of time is spent on site managing the construction process. A building is made up of many different components, which require co-ordination of the Consultant Team, these can include, amongst others, a Quantity Surveyor, Civil, Structural, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

Then there’s managing the Contractor who supervises several Sub-contractors. So, on site there are many tasks to check to ensure that the construction is in accordance with the drawings. For example, check whether the building is set out correctly, co-ordinate the installation of the services, that the correct materials are used and the quality is acceptable. It’s important to check progress, as often problems are only picked up when finishes are installed. When the tiles are laid, they highlight any walls that are not straight.

Property owners view Architects and Designers as an expense, however, Architects have the creative and technical skills to manage the contractor and sub-contractors, to get the best result. They assist with communication, ensure quality work and can be a neutral facilitator.

It’s important for an owner to have the Architect, or Designer supervise the construction. Especially, as in terms of the National Building Regulations it’s a requirement. Further, on completion, the owner must obtain an Occupation Certificate from the Local Authority and if the construction is not in accordance with the approved Building Plans or National Building Regulations, this may be withheld.