In the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Why must a Site Development Plan be submitted?

Municipalities require Site Development Plans (SDP) at an early stage to determine whether a proposed development complies with the relevant legislative requirements and control measures. In Nelson Mandela Bay, SDP’s are required for all proposed developments on properties zoned “Residential 2”, “Residential 3” and where the submission of a SDP is required as a condition of zoning of the property. In addition, the NMBM Council may, at its discretion, require a SDP for the development of any kind, in any use zone.

A SDP can also be submitted to show the details of the proposal, to explain or motivate the development. Where the detailed site layout and specifics of a proposed development are particularly important, or complex, for its consideration and implementation, you may need to submit a detailed SDP so that the Municipality can properly assess the details of the development.


What must be included on Site Development Plan?

The SDP entails scale drawings to illustrate the proposed development. The drawings should include; the site including all town planning information, plans indicating the total footprint of the proposed structures, location on the site, sketch plans & elevations, layouts of services, public access, drainage, existing and proposed landscape features, lighting, street layout and any other pertinent information.


What is the procedure to submit a Site Development Plan?

In Nelson Mandela Bay, submissions are to be made to the Land Use Management Division of the Housing & Land Directorate. The SDP is submitted along with all relevant documentation. If the application is complete, Land Use Management assess the application and comment. The applicant is then notified to collect the SDP and arrange to visit the relevant directorates as indicated by Land Use Management, obtain their comments. Once all comments have been obtained the application is returned to Land Use Management. If completed and in order, Land Use Management will issue a letter of approval with a signed copy of the approved SDP.

Property owners must be aware that the approval of the SDP is not approval to start building. Building Plans must then be submitted and approved through the normal process and only then can property owners break ground.  For further details contact the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Human Settlements at:

Tel.:  041 506 2435