A neighbour’s transgression

A neighbour’s transgression of building regulations, doesn’t give you the right to transgress.  If your neighbour jumps into the fire, it doesn’t mean you can.

When it comes to property, just because somebody else builds without approval, it doesn’t set a precedent, allowing others to follow. Any development, or improvement to a property is regulated by Title Deed Conditions, Spatial Planning Land Use Management Act (SPLUMA), Building Regulations and Municipal By-Laws. The reason for the regulations, are to ensure; properly planned development, safety, health and welfare of property owners and users. Also, regulations enhance energy efficiency and protect the environment.

The municipality has to ensure that any improvements to a property comply with all regulations, so each planning or building application is assessed individually. Even if a neighbour, or friend gets approval to build, it doesn’t mean you can build a similar structure. Your property may have different conditions.

Also, don’t get your neighbour into trouble. If they built without approval, don’t tell the municipality that, because your neighbour did it, you can do the same. It’s not neighbourly.

A neighbour’s actions, whether permitted or not, doesn’t set a precedent for other property owners.