In the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Eastern Cape, South Africa

The majority of properties in Nelson Mandela Bay, and probably South Africa have some form of illegal structure, without approved building plans. Some property owners are 

not aware of the correct procedures, or don’t believe the changes they make, require approval and then some owners knowingly disregard the regulations.

In Nelson Mandela Bay, if the Building Inspectorate, becomes aware of a possible illegal structure, they first scrutinise the existing approved building plans on record and then check the Municipal GIS system. By comparing the two, they are able to determine whether there are any structures that have been erected, without approved building plans.

When an illegal structure is identified, a Notice of Unauthorised Structure is sent to the property owner. The owner is given a month to either; demolish the structure, or submit building plans to Council, for approval. Failure to comply results in legal action.

If a property owner is concerned whether building works on a neighbouring property is legal, or in accordance with building regulations, they should contact the Nelson Mandla Bay Municipality Building Inspectorate.

For assistance, property owners can contact me for advice, or the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Building Control Officer, Mr. Reza Boltman:

Tel.: 041 994 1206