In the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Eastern Cape, South Africa

You’ve probably heard this many times and your tame estate agent will tell you, it’s the most important consideration, when buying a home.

Location is important, because you can change or improve a home, but the location is fixed, it doesn’t change.

What makes a particular neighbourhood more desirable than another, is?

  • Proximity to important amenities such as; shops, restaurants, or place of work.
  • Schools are high on most families list of concerns.
  • Access, or transportation routes and facilities, as these bring owners closer to shops, restaurants, schools and place of work.
  • Crime and neighbours. Nobody wants to live in an area that isn’t safe, or if there’s a noisy business in the vicinity.
  • Future property appreciation is a long-term consideration. There may be future development planned in the area which will make the neighbourhood more attractive.
  • Specific features like; sea views, country lifestyle, or eco estate, may also be considered.

It’s important that you research a property thoroughly, before investing.