There are options for property owners

Electricity and water are hot topics. If you have some time to kill, just mention load sheading, or water restrictions and you’ll have people talking for hours. Or rather moaning, complaining and ranting.

There are many options property owners can consider, to reduce the impact of load sheading. They generally come at a cost, but in the long term, will reduce your reliance on electricity. If your geyser bursts and your insured, claim from insurance and consider a solar geyser as a replacement. You will have to pay in, as the cost will be more than a replacement hot water cylinder. Similarly, if considering buying a new stove consider gas, it’s extremely economical and can be used during load sheading.

Water tanks have become common place at homes and businesses. With a pump and some plumbing, rainwater can be used for toilets. For drinking water, a specialist should be consulted.  Water stored in plastic tanks, in the sun, can be a health risk.

When looking at the alternatives, it’s important to consult specialists and to get different opinions. Whether gas, solar, heat pumps, inverters, LED lighting, energy efficient appliances, or water purification, the various systems have advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to consider the options, before spending money.