Or is it a second dwelling?

There are a number of reasons why you may consider building a flatlet on your residential property; You may have an elderly family member, or even an adult child who needs their independence. It could be to increase the value of the property, or to bring in a rental income. A flatlet can also be used for a home office, or studio. Then there’s also the empty nest, where the children have left the home and it’s too big for just the two of you. You’re happy where you are and don’t want to move, so for relatively low cost, converting a portion of the home to a flatlet, reduces the size of the home and brings in an income.

If an owner adds a second kitchen, or kitchenette, the Municipality considers it a flatlet. In Nelson Mandela Bay, in accordance with the Port Elizabeth Zoning Scheme, the Council may consent to a flatlet, not exceeding 50 m² (a Granny Flat). It must be in keeping with the main home and before applying to the Council, the owner must give notice in writing, to the occupants of the adjoining properties.

The Council may also grant Special Consent for a second dwelling unit exceeding 50 m² (Second Dwelling). The Second Dwelling must also be in keeping with and shall not exceed one-half of the floor area of the main home. The maximum size of a Second Dwelling is 150 m². Granting Special Consent, doesn’t mean that if a later application for a sub-division is submitted, it will be automatically granted.

An additional parking bay must be provided on the property, exclusively for the Second Dwelling. No more than two road accesses shall be permitted and if a tree on the street needs to be removed for the second access, the owner must pay for the replacement. 

A Granny Flat or Second Dwelling will add value to a home. Owners must be aware that even if they are not adding onto their property, Municipal Approval is required and the occupants of the neighbouring properties must be notified in writing. Property owners and residents are encouraged to contact the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality with any enquiries regarding land use, or zoning. For further details contact the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Human Settlements at:

Tel.:  041 506 2435

E-mail.:  vvdmesch@mandelametro.gov.za