Some simple suggestions

Do people use your home as a landmark, when directing others to their home? Or are you the one saying, “You know the house with the fantastic front gate? We’re next door, on the left?”

You’ve listened to the experts; Location, Location, Location. You’re in a great location, but your home doesn’t look great. What can you do to improve the street appeal, without breaking the bank?

In South Africa, the street façade is usually a high boundary wall & a double garage door. There’s no appeal and it’s not welcoming to visitors. Sometimes it’s not clear where to enter, because there’s only a vehicle gate, but no pedestrian gate. A great first impression from the street can make a big difference to the neighbourhood. It’s welcoming to visitors and most of all, comforting to the home owner. 

To make your home welcoming, a few simple changes can make that difference:

  • Clear street number, or signage, so that visitors know that they are at the correct home.
  • Install a post box. You may not get mail delivered anymore, but it completes the entrance and shows pride in the home.
  • An inviting door or gate, which allows visitors to see in and you to see who’s at the gate.
  • A bright and freshly painted door or gate.
  • An intercom to communicate.
  • Good lighting.
  • Provide shelter from rain, to protect visitors, because the gate is often the front door.
  • Include some simple, neat landscaping or pot plants.

In the current environment, your home may also be your place of business, or even a school. You probably get more deliveries and business visitors, so the street appearance should be tasteful and welcoming.