Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Property owners in South Africa may not be aware that approved building plans are only valid for one year, from the date of approval. If construction hasn’t commenced within one year, the approved building plans will lapse and if the owner/architect hasn’t applied for an extension of the validity, they will have to re-submit the building plans.

If they intend to commence building work after one year of the date of approval, they should apply for an extension in the month that the approved building plans lapse. There is a three month grace period, during which, the owner/architect can still apply for an extension of the validity.

If an inspection is carried out within the three month grace period and the Building Inspector formally lapses the approved building plans, the owner/architect will have to re-submit the application, at a cost of 50%, of the original submission fees.

This application can be submitted either to; the Senior Building Inspector (Admin), Mrs. Christelle Marais, or to

Applications are to be e-mailed and must outlining the reasons for not commencing building work within the one year validity period. The application should note the; plan number, erf number and allotment area. Applications for an extension of the validity period will be discussed with the Building Control Officer and feedback will be given based on the merit of the application.

For assistance, property owners can contact me for advice, or the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Senior Building Inspector (Admin), Mrs. Christelle Marais:

Tel.: 041 506 2188

E-mail.: Or: