In the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Due to the regular implementation of load sheading in South Africa property owners have been forced to look for alternative, sustainable means for power generation. PV Panels, solar geysers, heat pumps, inverters, are being installed by residential and business property owners. In response to the demand, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, which includes Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage & surrounding areas, has introduced guidelines for the installation of these new technologies.

When submitting a Building Plan Application, and a PV Panel installation is part of the sustainable power generation system, approval must be obtained from the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s Electrical Department, Munelek. The process to be followed is:

  • Pre-application – To include 1) Completed SSEG Pre-application form 2) Drawings & specifications. 3) Calculation Sheet.
  • Pre-application deadline – To be submitted by Monday, 16H00.
  • Pre-application to be E-mail to –
  • Pre-application assessment – The drawings are scrutinised weekly, on a Tuesday. If in order, they are stamped and signed by a Munelek Planner.
  • Building Plan Application – The Building Plan Application can then be submitted through the usual process.
  • Completion – On completion of the installation, the Certificate of Compliance by a qualified Electrician and photographs of the installation must be submitted to the Munelek Planner.

For all enquiries regarding the Pre-application for the installation of PV Panels, contact Munelek:

041 392 4304 / 041 392 4317 / 041 392 4206

Munelek Building, 47-48 Harrower Road, Kensington, Port Elizabeth.

The Electrical Department have advised that currently, there are two companies that can do the required calculations for the Pre-application: